About Us

Olivia is currently a student at Northeastern studying biomedical engineering, and Meg is a student at UConn studying communications and journalism. Photo by Lilia Beal.

For the past seven summers, Olivia and I have worked together at a seafood restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine. The first season we worked together neither of us were old enough to even drive a car, but we forged a friendship out of our shared love of food and travel. A lot can happen in seven years, but we always find common ground over a good charcuterie plate or a beautiful view.

In the summer of 2018, we decided that we should start documenting our food adventures through Instagram. It started as a fun way for us to look back on all the amazing meals we had and remember some of our favorite spots along the way, but it quickly became much more to us. Knowing our content reaches followers from all around the world challenged us to go outside of our comfort zones and try foods beyond our usual scope.

We decided to start this website because we both love doing research before we travel to a new place or try a new restaurant, but comprehensive guides are far and few between. We hope our guides and articles can provide other travelers with the tips and tricks we wish we had known all along!